2005 Borland Developer Conference Proceedings

Welcome to the post conference proceedings area for the 2005 Borland Developer Conference.

This Conference proceedings area contains listings of Conference sessions with corresponding technical papers, slides, and samples of code received from speakers--during and after the conference. Please contact the speakers directly for any missing papers or other files.

You'll find sessions organized by Product, Language, and Technical tracks as well as by course number and speaker.

We are pleased to include the following Keynote presentations:

  • Tuesday Keynote by DavidI, Rick Jackson and Todd Nielsen video
  • Borland Developer Studio Demo by Michael Swindell, Allan Bauer & DavidI video, PowerPoint
  • Wednesday Keynote by Boz Elloy video, PowerPoint

We've also included snapshots from the conference.

Visit www.borland.com for information on future Developer Conferences.


David Intersimone "David I"
Vice President of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist
Borland Software Corporation

Borland Developer Conference Tokyo 2006
14 Mar 2006
The Borland Developer Conference Tokyo 2006 took place on Friday March 3, 2006. In this BDN entry you will find the presentation slides from the conference.

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