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25-27 May 2010Get Ready for DataRage 2! May 25-27, 2010
Web Seminar     5/25/2010 8:00 AM - 5/27/2010 5:00 PM
7 Apr 2010
DataRage is three days of 100% online technical sessions focused on database development and data management issues which you can attend from wherever you like to log in.


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2 Sep 2009 Getting the Most from JBuilder and Rapid SQL Developer
Learn how to use these two products together successfully.
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3 Sep 2009 How Embarcadero Database Tools Fit into the Development Life Cycle of Databases Part I& II
Learn what products you can help with the modeling and development phases of the SDLC for databases.
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2 Sep 2009 Integrating Advanced Model Lifecycle Management with the Enterprise Repository & MS SharePoint
When enterprise, conceptual, and logical data models are used in an effective information management framework, business users and technical users can leverage the information contained within them.
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2 Sep 2009 Jumpstart your SOA Infrastructure with Data Models
How to reverse that trend and drive XML schemas from your data models so they’re built with the same standards as your databases.
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3 Sep 2009 Making Sense of the Mess: Building & Publishing a Data Dictionary
This session describes the process of analyzing existing data structures, of integrating stakeholders in order to agree upon a common set of definitions, and of publishing a data dictionary in an easily accessed, Web format.
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2 Sep 2009 Managing Database Security and Compliance
Embarcadero offers tools that can assist to simply automate and report on these strict rules and regulations.
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2 Sep 2009 Managing Reference Data and Codes with ER/Studio & Change Manager
Karen Lopez demonstrates tools and techniques for managing reference data and codes using ER/Studio and Change Manager.
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3 Sep 2009 MassMutual's SQL Preprocessing Efficiencies
Review how MassMutual examples that have been proven to not only save developers time, but also result in error-free code.
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2 Sep 2009 Sybase ASE Performance & Tuning: Best Practices
This session covers fundamental concepts of Sybase ASE
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3 Sep 2009 The Right Tools Just in Time: How to Best Position Yourself for Perpetual Fire Fighting
This session introduces the tools that any master craftsman should have handy to best position yourself for any fire fighting situation.
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