Management and Team

1204: Release-driven Iterations: Stand and Deliver Now! - Dr. Charles Suscheck
1208: The Risky Business of Software Development: Qualitative Measures for Risk - Dr. Charles Suscheck
1228: PANEL: How to Make Money with Mobile - David Fleck and Geoff McGrath
1230: IT Project Portfolio Management and Performance Measurement - Kenneth Battles
1232: Learning eXtreme Programming using eXPlanations - Miroslav Novak
1234: Project Retrospectives - Miroslav Novak
1236: Software Metrics: Ten Traps to Avoid - Karl Wiegers
1242: Twenty-one Project Management Success Tips - Karl Wiegers
1244: XML-based Documentation Development - Shawn McKenzie and Cindy Frakes
1258: Mobile from a Global Perspective - Gene Wang
2114: The Role and Practice of Domain Analysis in the Rational Unified Process - Timothy Korson
2128: Better Requirements Faster: Agile Development Using CaliberRM - Larry Boldt
2144: Managing Change Before Change Manages You - Jeff Swisher
2162: Writing User Stories and Planning eXtreme Programming Projects - Randy Miller and Miroslav Novak
2166: Ensuring Quality: An Organizational Imperative - Timothy Korson
3030: Project Management for Modern Software Development, Part I - Timothy Korson
3138: Integrating J2EE and .NET using Web Services - Jeff Swisher
3166: Successfully Managing the Software Development Lifecycle - Martin Rudy
3174: The Use and Misuse of Use Cases - Timothy Korson
3202: Total SDLC with Borland Solutions - Jeannine McConnell
3206: Writing Custom Applications using the StarTeam SDK - Steve Reynolds
3238: Designing Web Services Using UML - Randy Miller
3262: StarTeam Configuration Best Practices - Randy Guck
4124: XSLT on Steroids * - Marco Cantu
6228: Managing Large Enterprise Application Deployments - Angelo Serra
8010: VENDOR SHOWCASE: JBuilder Team Development on the BEA WebLogic Platform - Frank Cohen
9006: Care and Feeding of Your Apps with AutomatedQA Products - Robert Leahey

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