JMX Management Solutions

By: Ken Sipe

Abstract: This session describes management of Java resources using the Java Management Extensions JMX API. JMX provides a unified framework to instrument Java systems with monitoring and management capabilities. JMX is a required element of the J2EE 1.4 specification -- it is part of the JDK1.5 distribution. Those who don't know and understand it will be left behind. This session covers JMX 1.2 specification, system monitoring, management needs, and the creation of agents which dynamically manage resources based on monitoring. We cover many of the new features of the recently finalized JSR-160 on Remote JMX access. Productivity details are also discussed using MX4J and commons modeler.

Ken Sipe is the CEO and Founder of Code Mentor, Inc. He is frequently called on to validate or develop enterprise-level architecture, helping many clients make that transition from strategic vision to tactical implementation. Ken provides mentoring and best practices on all aspects of architecture, design, and development practices. He is an instructor for Borland for Visibroker for Java and previously was an instructor for Rational for OOAD/UML and Rational Rose. In addition, Ken is an internationally recognized speaker in the field of distributed computing.

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