J2EE Development Using Eclipse and WTP

Abstract: This session describes how to build and run basic J2EE and Web Services applications using Eclipse and WTP. We discuss the WTP project structure, server configuration, creation of modules, build system, etc. In the process, we cover application development using Servlet/JSP, EJB and Web Services using wizards, views and annotations. Along the way, we point out the differences and similarities of working with J2EE applications in JBuilder and Eclipse/WTP. We also provide a status and roadmap of WTP.

Ravi Kumar As principal architect in the Java tools group at Borland, Ravi Kumar is responsible for the architecture and implementation of XML and Web Services features in the Java tools product. During his tenure with Borland, Ravi has worked with InterBase, Delphi, and C++Builder in addition to JBuilder. His other areas of expertise and interest include databases, middleware, and custom components for data-driven applications. Helen Bershadskaya Helen Bershadskaya has been at Borland for nearly 13 years. Before JBuilder, she worked on the Visual dBASE project in Qualtiy Assurance, as an application developer and research and development engineer. Helen's current work (since JBuilder 3) is as developer on the JBuilder team. She started out working on the debugger and runtime systems and most recently has been working on the server and J2EE module frameworks.


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