Overview of Core SDP for Java

By: Michael Rozlog

Abstract: Learn how to use all of the Borland suite of Java tools to help streamline development. Understand how to use the Optimizeit suite to resolve pesky errors. Learn how to use Together Audits and Metrics to reduce complexity and help to establish good testing processes. See both Request Analyzer and ServerTrace used to increase the performance of J2EE applications.

Mike Rozlog is a chief technical architect at Borland. For the past seven years, he has held a number of positions at Borland before becoming the chief technical architect. He spends a great deal of time thoroughly discussing and explaining all technical and business aspects of Borland products and services to audiences and analysts worldwide. If you get a chance, check out his blog at Borland, (http://blogs.borland.com/MichaelRozlog/) which he is just getting started. He has been published many times, and his latest collaboration is Mastering JBuilder from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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